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 Are You Looking to Get Ahead With Online Marketing?

As a business owner you need to promote your business and attract new clients.  You want to use the latest online marketing strategies but are frustrated by all the noise.  Perhaps you tried social media advertising and it didn't work, or you want to build a subscriber list but just not sure how to get started.  

If this describes your situation it's really not your fault...

It's because all of the countless digital marketing services available on the market purposely make it seem 'easy', 'simple', and 'instant' - but they seem to change daily!

There's a lot of hype out there about digital marketing and for good reason!  More than any other time in history, small businesses are able to find and attract new customers without spending a ton of money.

Today, you don't need to be a Fortune 500 company to have a global reach.  You can launch an online business from your basement and build it up from almost nothing.

There are a lot of marketing services out there who will charge big dollars for lead generation and customer acquisition services, but hide their techniques behind a veil of secrecy.

And there are also people that make a living by selling 'secret methods', or 'previously unknown strategies' for digital marketing.  

The truth is... there are no secrets!

The technologies and services available for digital marketing are evolving at a massively rapid pace and it's difficult to keep up.  

However, you don't need to know everything - you just need to get good at a few things and keep going.  

The real 'secret' is to just get started.  

And this is our job - to help you get started so you can build and grow your company.

Steve has worked with us as part of our Board since we founded Claim 52 Brewing. Throughout that time, his thoughtful input has been very valuable in helping us diagnose and push through challenges with our sales and marketing efforts. His entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and knowledge of sales and marketing have been a steady presence to help our brand grow.

Mercy McDonald

Owner - Operations

Claim52 Brewing

We are a startup company that produces highly nutritious recovery drinks for athletes. My team approached Steve with a unique project: provide marketing tools and expertise to grow our e-commerce platform and grow sales. Steve provided valuable insight and methods for using online marketing. With his recommendations we created a promotion in conjunction with a local marathon and sold out at the event! Also, Steve provided better ways for collecting emails as we started to build our list. His experience in this area of work can really help another company thrive whether it be in growing directs sales or strategies on an effective marketing plan.. 

Andrew Ek

COO & Co-Founder SOHR Performance + Nutrition

We Serve Action Takers!

Entrepreneurs have the audacity to start a business and choose to live their life on their terms. They seek the abundance that this lifestyle provides and they don't settle for anything less. They don't let others tell them what they cannot do, and they don't let anything hold them back.

This is the inspiration behind the brand Many Mega!  We are here to help you break through the noise and take action that will produce results.  If you are tired of searching online for answers or  'free master classes' that promise instant success, then you are not alone.  

Our goal is to capture what we know about digital marketing and share it with you. We freely give this information to business owners, entrepreneurs and managers so you can take action right now.

Be in charge of your future - take action! 

Do You Have Questions?

Get in touch with us.  You might be surprised on how quickly you can get started!

Meet Steve Cary

Steve has spent his entire career in technology:  IT, broadband, Internet of Things and even Robotics, where he helped launch new generations of robotic arms for unmanned ground vehicles.  Most recently, Steve served as the Sales & Marketing Executive for Eugene, OR based wireless technology firm Feeney Wireless.  Steve oversaw sales and marketing, serving as Vice President. Throughout this time, the company grew from 30 people to over 120 staff and ultimate acquired by publicly traded Novatel Wireless - now Inseego (NASDAQ: INSG).   

Steve created Many Mega to help small businesses take advantage of today's new marketing strategies.

"The technology available today to everyone is nothing less than astounding!  It is possible for just about anybody to build a business from their basement, find customers, and get results almost immediately..."

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